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Tranzaktnyj the analysis (transational analysis)

and. Is interaktsionnaja psihoter., onstruted on the assumption that people make urrent deisions, being based on the last preonditions, to- in due time ould promote a survival, but at present often are not valid. Though and. Can be used in individual therapy, it is espeially suitable for groups. This approah is foused on kognitivnyj, rational and behavioural aspets of the person. An overall objetive of therapeuti proess jav-sja the help to an individual in aeptane of new deisions onerning urrent behaviour and a diretion of a life.

the author and., .Bern, builds the theory of the person on skeleton of three separate egos-onditions: the Parent, the Adult and the Child. Clients should learn to identify funtioning of these omponents meaningly to hoose, as with it to operate in the given situation.. Golding and Mary Mak-Kljur Golding razrab. The modified version and., uniting its priniples and tehniques with priniples and reeptions a Gestalt-therapy, family therapy, psihodramy and updatings of behaviour.

the attention tranzaktnogo analytis is onentrated to instrutions, former deisions, poglazhivanijah, games, payments, the sript of a life and new deisions. Children grow, reeiving thus verbal and nonverbal messages of parents (or instrutions).

Former deisions have for an objet reeption parental poglazhivany (strokes) (attention from parents). and. Pays attention to how people searh for reognitions and what sort poglazhivanija they searh and reeive in the life. The games representing a series of latent transations with predited that and a ertain prize, are formed as means of maintenane of former deisions. Being trained in to find out games, in to- they play, members of group learn about the payments (rakets) - the hroni bad feelings, former deisions being by onsequenes and olleting at the people playing games, - justifying former important deisions.

all these elements make the maintenane of the sript of a life (life sript), to- inludes that expetation as the drama of our life will be played. Members of group T and. Learn, how their vital sripts influene their feelings, attitjudy and atual behaviour. Goldings approah to and. Rejets representation that we is passive are entered in the sript and we are vitims of development of onditioned-reflex behaviour in the early hildhood. They approve, that we make of the deision, reating on real and imagined messages of parents, beoming, t. About., sripwriters of own life. The important ontribution to the theory and pratie and. jav-sja a reognition of a role of new deisions (redeisions.) Osn. A part of pratie and. Is under onstrution on the basis of the ontrat (ontrat), to- jav-sja a basis of therapeuti attitudes and defines the maintenane of therapy.

see also Modern methods of psyhotherapy

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