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The order of a birth and the person (birth order and personality)

One of the most signifiant ontributions to the psyhology, made by A.Adlerom, onsists in postulation of ommuniation between order of a birth and development of the person. Adler has assumed, that position of the hild in family brings speifi problems, eah of to- it is authorized in different families in essene in the similar image. about., onneted with order of a birth experiene has onsequene development of the person typial for eah position, borrowed by the hild in sequene of birthes in family.

Issled. The order of a birth it is totaled muh. Despite of extremely empirial harater of the majority of these issled., their results are limited to the isolated phenomena and inomplete explanations, that it is no wonder at absene osn. And the full theory of the order of a birth. There is an impression that there is a set of doumentary aknowledgement of ommuniations between order of a birth, et. the phenomena, but essential steps on a way of understanding or an explanation of results issled are not made yet some. The order of a birth. Apparently, it is impossible for one to explain only order of a birth the results reeived in this area.

nevertheless, impressing quantity issled. The order of a birth reflets importane of this fator. ven when issled. Leads to inonsistent results, almost always it is possible to explain them defets of methodology or weak teoret. Base, on to-dig was based given issled. Olmen, Green and Clark pratially have not found out distintions in personal strutures when have exluded ation of all fators exept for the order of a birth. However, despite of similar exposing proof, issled. The order of a birth ontinue to bring signifiant results, espeially when are supervised nek- ritial fators. All beomes learer, that than influene of the order of a birth jav-sja more the general, than assumed Adler , and, probably, it has guided Mouzaka at an idea on greater importane of subjetive pereption the person of the psihol. The order of a birth in omparison with its plae in pure the biologist. Sequenes of birthes in family.

Adler approved what to understand the separate person it is possible, only onsidering a full ontext of that family atmosphere, in to-d it grew, and that the important question within the limits of this ontext jav-sja position of the hild in struture of the family, onneted with order of a birth. During development of family as groups arise new, distint from former need, and the satisfation of these needs is distributed between hildren depending on the order of a birth. At two any hildren style sovladanija with a problem arising at hange of a situation in family, never oinides. Adler speified, that needs or the inquiries influening style of a life, orrespond to the pereived order of a birth of the onrete hild.

from this follows, that there are ategories of the order of a birth with sootv. Sets of harateristis and researh data. It is neessary to emphasize, that suh harateristis show only the general tendenies and are intended to help psyhologists to do the assumption onerning the order of a birth and personal dynamis, and at all that with their help to desribe and mark onrete people.

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