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The mathematial theory nauhenija (mathematial learning theory)

t. n. Reflets the extended tendeny to lean on mathematis as the tool in development and an estimation psihol. Theories, in partiular, theories nauhenija. Though it is simple enough to alloate a ategory eksperim. Psyhologists, to- it would be possible to name adherents of the quantitative theory, it at all does not mean, that all of them adhere to the same teoret. Orientations. More likely, they are united with a way, or a method of designing of the theory, to- it is possible to name quantitative.

t. n. Possesses numerous advantages before the qualitative doubles. It allows is more thin to differentiate a set of possible outomes of experiment on onfirming and not onfirming teoret. Preditions. Aordingly, it is possible to do expliit unequivoal preditions, t. To. There are dedutive onsequenes. It demands from the theorist of oordination teoret. And observable dependent variables.

at otsenivanii the quantitative theory, unlike qualitative, should be onsidered nek- additional fators. In issled. nauhenija the equation allows us to alulate value -dig measures of behaviour - a dependent variable - for any set quantity of attempts (tests). This equation will ontain a number of onstants, or free parameters. The more in it of free parameters (or onstants), the easier on it to predit values y as the problem in this ase is redued to a question of seletion of a urve. In an ideal, we would like to estimate free parameters in one situation and to use them in another. However it is represented extremely diffiult, if not impossible, a problem at studying behaviour. Hene, we should try to keep the general number of free parameters as it is possible smaller, in an ideal no more than two.

In the quantitative theory it is neessary to identify these parameters, that is, to establish, what psihol. Proess, the mehanism or a variable reprezentirujut parameters of the given theory. Tzh it is neessary to define preisely a irle of situations, to to-eye primenima the theory.

early attempts in reation of the quantitative theory nauhenija differed extremely wide approahes and, apparently, refleted searhes of the true form of a urve nauhenija. The Most signifiant initial attempt in reation of the quantitative theory nauhenija was Clark L.Halla subsequently expanded and advaned by Kenneth Spensoms the theory. In the approah of Hull- the set of free parameters, therefore quantitative estimations was used were often redued to problems of seletion of urves. Dr. The important problem was absene of preise ommuniation between observable and teoret. Dependent variables.

William K.stes ould bypass this problem, to- used probability of reation as osn. teoret. The dependent variable measured by relative frequeny of ourrene of given reation. Perhaps, stes - unique who managed to bring the largest ontribution to development t. n.

Based on rather simple assumptions, this theory was rather suessfully applied at studying time-dependent phenomena in nauhenii and obuslovlivanii, a hoie of behaviour, alarm (differentsirovohnyh) situations, mastering of probabilities, identifiation of onepts, abstration and various phenomena helov. Memories. The next years approah stesa has undergone to updating to onsider ompensations and punishments not as diretly strengthening or weakening available assoiative ommuniations, but as adjusting a stream an inform. In the given situation. Importane ontextual an inform. Has resulted stesa to teoret. To views, in to- the main plae the inform is given struture. In system of memory.

see also Curves nauhenija, Theories nauhenija

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