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Psyhologial testing: problems of a survival (psyhologial testing: its survival problems)

t. - the wide onept overing all types of professionally developed tests for an estimation helov. Abilities, ahievements in training, skills, interests, attitjudov and personal properties. It is not neessary to limit the use of this term, as it sometimes wrongly is understood, only the tests onneted with personal properties and psihih. Adaptation.

historially, t. It is losely onneted with beoming psyhology as the sientifi disipline objetive and foused on quantitative measurements whih have ome in the stead that subjetive and filos. Areas of knowledge what it was at the beginning of the development. t. It has appeared the first setion in the field of psihol. The knowledge, suessfully applied psihol. Priniples to the deision prakt. Problems. Its applied value quikly inreased in proess of soial reognition and aeptane of Item t. As widely used proedure.

prior to the beginning of th pratially there were no serious threats for a survival t. In that kind as it developed and used. With t. zr. Sientifi and professional standards to survive, the test should be reliable and validnym. Means of maintenane and the ontrol of reliability and validnosti tests were and still remain in hands of their professional developers. At the beginning of ourrene psihol. Tests exposed psihol. To testing of the person the voie had seldom the right. It is the best it was time for developers and users.

ertainly, at the beginning of testing hot disussions onerning psihol were developed. Tests (in partiular, tests IQ). Thus, however, there were no suh rough disputes around of tests what inflamed around of a problem of interpretation of their results.

threats to a survival psihol. Tests have started to be shown in proess of growing and even more often expressed anxiety from people in onnetion with observane their ustoms in various situations, vkljuh. Those, in to- they ould be refused in employment or reeipt in high shool on the basis of a parameter psihol. The test, or in to-d the hild ould deprive with an opportunity of training at usual shool by results of the test. The aent has started to be displaed on those estimations under the test, to- are below the ertain ritial level (otsehki), - people were exited with their validity and validity.

the Culmination of tendenies dominated over a soiety was aeptane in of the Law on the ivil rights (Civil Rights At). To that this law inludes the setion onerning employment (Setion VII), involves psihol. Tests in a irle of the questions onneted with disrimination against deprived sots. Groups. In this onnetion, the ommission onerning equal opportunities of employment (ITS, ) is onsidered by many as diret threat t. Uniform rules of arrying out of seletion of hired workers (Federal Uniform Guidelines on mployee Seletion Proedures) are aimed mainly at protetion of minority and deprived sots. Groups from disrimination at hiring. A number of the governmental adjusting measures is addressed tzh to problems of the itizens having various ategories of physial inability, and some of them (espeially in sphere of formation and employment) mention t.

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