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Propagation (propaganda)

is a promotion of a position or idea in a manner refleting attempts more likely to impose than to give about it the balaned general representation. it is possible to oppose formation, the purpose to- is transfer of knowledge.

the first attempt of the regular analysis times of war has been undertaken by D.Lassuellom. It investigated suesses of eah of belligerent parties in ahievement of four purposes:) demoralization of the enemy strengthening of hatred to the enemy maintenane of friendship with the neutral states and opportunities of ahievement of ooperation with the neutral states.

in dr. The ountries the term It was used absolutely openly and without an aompanying negative estimated shade. So, notorious J.Goebbels was rejhministrom national eduation and in hitlerite Germany. The USA usually named the agenies, to- arried out similar funtions, information agenies and agenies of ommuniation. In the USA the term has got a negative estimated shade about th when it began to assoiate with efforts of Germany and Italy to ahieve the favorable attitude to a new politial system of the states.

in military, the having purpose to undermine moral spirit of the enemy, the purpose jav-sja potentially kolebljushhijsja the person, to- even ontinues to battle, but has already lost fighting enthusiasm. nerealistihno to expet, that suh people will throw the weapon and will surrender in a aptivity on the basis of only one, however they an be pushed allowing to take itself in a aptivity at sootv. Coinidene of irumstanes.

one of ways of studying of Item Inludes the analysis of appeals to fear during belief. Investigated dependent variables thus were suh onsequenes as intention to use seat belts and to reeive sootv. Injetions for preventive maintenane of disease. Despite laking a full oordination in results, the general tendeny to positive ommuniation between intensity of prompting by fear and a degree of hange attitjuda as a result

is established is possible, that dominane submissiveness or to belief means, et. onvining ommuniations onerns to a lass of the general features, however issled. This theme have led only to rather modest suesses in its identifiation korreljatov. it appears the most effetive in work with people, to- are already favorably adjusted onerning sights advaned by her. If they are not adjusted favorably, they an avoid its influene (to not listen to transfer to not pay attention to posters, et.) . If they are not adjusted favorably, but nevertheless influened it, they an not pereive the given message, not arrying it to themselves or deforming its semanti struture. For this reason, propaganda efforts an begin with preliminary preparation of audienes for pereption of the message and the favorable attitude for it. This proess means appeals to importane of a ase in point.

marketing of the goods or servies, publi relations and advertising ativity represent one of forms, t. To. They are frequently interested not in finishing up to onsumers of all true, and in seletive bathing an inform. With the purpose of stimulation of growth of sales.

see also Attitjudy, the Theory the ommuniations Convining the ommuniations, Soial influene


Goods for health

Johimbe Forte (capsules)

"JOHIMBE FORTE" it is recommended as biologically active additive to food - a source alkaloida johimbina, selenium, panaksozidov a ginseng. Biologically active substances " JOHIMBE FORTE ":-remove erektilnuju dysfunction; - promote maintenance and prolongation of sexual activity; - strengthen sexual and emotional sensations during intimate affinity; - prevent infringements of reproductive function of men.


Bilberry-forte (tablets)

BAD "Bilberry-forte" with vitamins and zinc is made only from natural fruits of a bilberry with addition of vitamins of group B (1, 2, 6), vitamin C and a microcell of zinc. Authenticity and quality of each party BAD "Bilberry-forte" proves to be true presence antotsianov fruits of a bilberry and necessary daily quantity of vitamins and zinc. Especially it is necessary to note, that BAD "Bilberry-forte" with vitamins and zinc is made in conditions of pharmaceutical manufacture "Evalar" with multistage quality assurance according to international standard GMP.


Pineapple an extract (tablets)

biologically active substances of pineapple - :-bromelajn (the complex proteoliticheskih enzymes, analogues pepsina) participates during splitting fibers of food that leads to liberation of the irreplaceable amino acids carrying out the important role in a metabolism and influencing the basic functions of an organism; - organic acids, vitamins, mineral substances, phenolic connections, the radio oils operating in a complex, render obshcheukrepljajushchee action, raise protective forces of an organism, participate in numerous biochemical mechanisms of a metabolism.


Means for growing thin BAD "hitozan"

Owing to a wide spectrum of biological activity the preparation promotes decrease in weight of a body. "hitozan-" it is created on the basis of hitozana - aminopolisaharida, received of armours rakoobraznyh, being by a natural source of food fibres. Hitozan it is known as the unique substance connecting and deducing from an organism fats, acting with food, and also as the natural product not having analogues reducing a level of cholesterol in blood.


Blue clay - a miracle natural product

favorable therapeutic and cosmetic an effect has on a leather of the person and a body, on nails and hair. Stimulates processes of updating of cells for long preservation of your youth, beauty and health. Deletes pollution and otmershie cells, smoothes wrinkles, interferes with formation ugrevoj to a rash.


Mival. The Cream-balm (in packing of 100 gram)

For 10 years of sales of any claim. Hundreds constant clients. Effectively stops loss of hair. Possesses strong recycling effect at all kinds oblysenija, including postozhogovuju alopetsiju and congenital gipotrihiju, eliminates furfur and prevents istonchenie, lomku and loss of hair.


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