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the xpedieny of alloation of medial influene of the nature as an independent psyhotherapeuti method admits not all. Many authors, not denying positive emotional influene of the nature, onsider it only as a bakground for psyhotherapy, instead of as psyhotherapy whih is impossible without the information transferred by speeh.

in many respets the answer to this question onsists in the definition of psyhotherapy most widespread in our literature: it ... Medial influene by means of mental means for mentality of the patient, and through it - on weigh its organism... (Rozhnov Century, ). The ore in a omplex of influenes on mentality is influene by a word whih, however, does not settle psyhotherapy. Only separate authors define psyhotherapy more narrowly - as a method of medial influene of the dotor on mentality of the patient or. Simultaneously groups of patients by means of a word, through the seond alarm system (Boulle of Item, ). In ase of aeptane of this last formulation under doubt the opportunity of referene to psyhotherapy of suh its reognized methods as muzykoterapija , biblioterapija , et.

For speifiation of onept the great value has the remark of Century Mjasishheva () that the psyhotherapy is a system of medial influene on mentality of the patient, based on use of the developed reeptions is put, allowing to reah the neessary medial effet. Hene, for referene. To psyhotherapeuti methods it should be applied in the medial purposes by the dotor (the psyhologist or other expert having medial preparation) under ondition of suffiient razrabotannosti of it as a method of psyhotherapy. It is obvious, that now ompletely to these requirements does not answer, as if to exlude separate enthusiasts (more often working in sanatorium onditions), this reeption is a little used in system of psyhotherapeuti ations.

Value will inrease in that a greater degree, than greater value for the person of the period of a urbanization and sientifi and tehnial revolution gets dialogue with the nature. As the example an be named Japan where the feeling of love to fine, first of all to the nature, purposefully develops at the person sine the hildhood.

As medial fators at dialogue of the person with the nature the following at first of all: positive emotional influene (nonverbal suggestija) Sedative, distrating, making ative and katarsihesky effets. Under katarsisom thus Freudian immersing in unonsious, and expansion of borders of individual onsiousness up to general is understood not... Whih in a new fashion shines individual experiene, the past of the person, helps it to see the deviations and fatal onsequenes (Florenskaja T., ). Medial influene of the nature an be shown in restoration of the broken attitudes and the installations of the person underlying many frustration in psyhologial sphere.

Main is an aestheti influene of the nature on the person, ennobling, harmonizing its person. In ase of landshaftoterapii, write L.N.Lezhepekova and B.A.Yakubov (), aestheti (fine - there is a life, the nature) starts to serve the therapeuti, hygieni both preventive purposes and problems .

the Reahed initial effet whih has expressed in mitigation of painful infringements, on the one hand, an lead to suh hanges of attitudes of the person with an environment whih will ause transformation of an initial disputed situation, and with another - an ause hange of self-pereption, a self-estimation, that also promotes restoration internal psihodinamiki.

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