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Multimodal therapy (multimodal therapy)

Many linial physiians use multivariate and many-sided proedures of inspetion and treatment, to- they often designate the term t. However, though ativity of the majority of psyhotherapists externally looks eleti and multimodal, only the few atually are multimodal therapists. This differene is rather important. The effetive therapist usually spends some updating linial proedures depending on any of the big number of variables. t., in essene, is that therapy, to-, unlike delarations of the ativity, skilled psyhotherapists spend atually. As t. Has passed preisely ertain ist. Development, has the orresponding systematized theory and wide repertoir of tehniques, it an supersede the systems limiting freedom and the initiative of psyhotherapists, and to allow to do without eklektitsizma, widely widespread now in psyhotherapy.

the Multimodal approah offers integrativnyj the plan of inspetion and treatment, in to-rum the patient is onsidered ompletely within the limits of the sots. nvironments. It reah, not endowing auray of an estimation. People are disturbed with set of speifi problems, the deision to- assumes a wide spetrum of the ertain interventions. Addressing to unique variables, multimodal psyhotherapists avoid vtiskivanija lients in the settled medial proedures. Instead of it they individualize medial proess more full to orrespond to expetations and other personal requirements of the lient. They use operational means that to speak in language of the lient .

Multimodal inspetion of the lient assumes an estimation of eah area of struture BASIC I. D.: behaviour (In = behavior), affet (And = affet), sensations (S = sensation), intelletual images (I = imagery), kognitsy (With = ognitions), interpersonal attitudes (I = interpersonal relationships) and mediamentous/biologist. Fators (D = drugs / biologial fators). Careful studying of eah of these of seven modalities gives representation about the main omponents of the psyhologial onstitution hel. To estimate interation between various modalities - napr., as the ertain patterns of behaviour influene affetive sphere or, on the ontrary, influened affets, sensations, mental images, kognitsy and signifiant attitudes, - muh means very muh to learn about an individual and it sots. Communiations.

one of the most important tatial reeptions used in t., traking (traking - proaking) refers to. Some people are inlined to ause in themselves negative emotions that are fixed all over again on sensations (S) (napr., easy dizziness and strengthening of palpitation), with to- they onnet negative kognitsy () (napr., ideas on illness and death) then at them at one appear aversivnye images (I) (napr., representations about hospital onditions and suffering), oming to the end the ulmination in the form of dezadaptivnogo behaviour () (napr., the avoiding deprived to neessity). The sequene resulted above - SCIB - demands other strategy of treatment, than other pattern, napr., BICS. Traing exat sequene of the events leading to affetive frustration, the psyhotherapist promotes understanding the lient of value of previous parts of a pathogeneti iruit and does its apable to independent aeptane of adequate measures.

the ompetent Multimodal psyhotherapist designs strutures of modalities whih serve as the plan of therapy . When treatment deadloks, for the deision of more speifi problems strutures of the seond order (Seond Order BASIC I. D. Profiles) are used. At treatment in a hospital some additional methods t are used also.

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