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Kognitivnoe nauhenie.

Inludes: self-heking , onsisting of onseutive stages of introspetion, a self-reinforement and adjusting a self-estimation drawing up of ontrats work in system of rules of the patient.

Behavioural rules allow to systematize elements of behaviour whih an be presented the following formula: when and in what irumstanes do this or that and what onsequenes of it. Them name still AVS a-paradigm.

the Problem of the psyhotherapist - to sound and verbalizovat this formula.

Rules are onditionally subdivided so (Hoffman N., ):

) the rules formulating valuable installations, the ausing ertain stimulus whih are subjetively pereived differently, generate at patients positive or negative emotions (for example: Dirty vegetables kantserogenny )

) the rules onneted with influene of stimulus (for example: After therapy all will be in another way )

) behavioural estimations (for example: As I stammer, anybody does not listen to me )

) the rules onneted with is emotional-affetive experiene of the person (for example: At one memoirs on examination I have a shiver in a bak , I do not have more hope )

) the rules onneted with influene of reation (for example: I shall be more puntual to not ause anger of the hief )

) the rules onneted with obligation and arising during soialization of the person (for example: The person should reeive higher eduation to be happy ).

During therapy it is important to establish, who and for what has reated this or that rule and to try to make replaement of negative rules on positive. The big attention is given the purposes of training (psyhotherapy). It is important to work only above those deisions and obligations whih verbalizujutsja through I want , instead of would like . To formulate problems it is better lear terms for the patient, it is neessary to outline also a barrier whih it wishes to overome (for example: I wish to overome fear of dialogue with strangers ). On employment it is possible to offer the patient (for example, a method of brain storm ) to find alternative deisions of the problem to write down all ideas on a board and together with it to hoose the most interesting.

one purpose is not reahed Yet, to pass to another does not follow.

Psyhotherapeuti ontrats - it is reord of prospetive hanges from the patient. Not were evident and onvenient method of reording whenever possible gets out and any hanges during psyhotherapy are fixed.

Thus, at n., unlike operantnogo training, with an individual not simply something ours, and that it undertakes on the basis of the analysis of the ating information.

Cognitive (kognitivnyj) the approah, possessing features behavioural, reflets an essene is rational-emotional psyhotherapy .

the Imperfet thinking is found out that people speak to themselves suh self-onversation influenes and behaviour.

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