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Katatimnye figurative experienes on lejneru.

the author of this tehnique alled also Symboldrama and representing one the most suessful attempts of ordering and ordering dreams in reality , is Lejner (Leuner H., ). Coneptually in its basis the model analytial psihodinamiki lays. The tehnique for the first time has been published by the author in g . And gradually was finished and developed. At neurosises (inluding their long forms) and psihosomatiheskih frustration - times - sessions are spent to a week.

In a ondition relaxations are shown and inspired patients the ertain images whih serve as stimulus for a projetion of unonsious onflits (in spirit of subonsious training in a dream or subonsious symbolis). standard images are experimentally fulfilled: Contemplation of a meadow or urrent stream, asention on mountain, survey of the house, vgljadyvanie in darkness of a wood, a meeting with signifiant people, test of installations for sexuality and aggression, an ideal image I, a all of arhai symbolial images. They serve as stimulus for formation of the plasti images having symbolial value and refleting typial subonsious disputed spheres on their subjets. The most important is refletion of infantile objetive attitudes, fixings on early phases of development, protetive mehanisms, stereotypes of behaviour.

During work with about. The items have been opened by the author a number psihodinamiheskih phenomena: the fixed images as projetions of kernels of the onflit , fousing on relevant problems, funtional unity of imagination and intrapsihiheskogo the onflit, development on this basis of therapeuti priniples ( operation with symbols ). That reahes an opportunity of diret influene on disputed strutures with orretion of infantile objetive attitudes, and also satisfations of arhai needs for sphere nartsissiheskih, oral and analnyh experienes.

Therapeuti strategy are divided on the didati purposes into steps. The base step onentrates on a tehnique of training at work with the first images and on reative development and expansion dreams in reality . The psyhotherapist takes thus of a protetive position at observane of the basi psyhotherapeuti rules of behaviour - authentiities , empatihnosti and heats. An average step - a onentration on free assotsiirovanii in oasion of developed plasti images with the referene to them genezu and to real behaviour. At the same time the strategy foused on speifi disputed strutures, and also stimulation of regress in infantile disputed area are used. Patients train in proessing of neuroti strutures and the analysis of the projetions onneted with by arry the Maximum step assumes a onentration on the others standard images and enters psyhoanalyti reeptions.

the Psyhodiagnostis is arried out by researh of not realized onflits during of some sessions, the ontrol over a ourse of psyhotherapeuti proess owing to repeatability of projeted installations and observable phenomena of transformation in spirit of a moving projetion .

In omparison with lassial psyhoanalyti tehnis, in about. The items proeed proess of emotional regress (already from the first session) muh more likely, that leads to onentration on not realized onflits. Signifiant redution of terms of psyhotherapy, even from here follows at hroni frustration. A method about. The items differ also from behavioural psyhotherapy

In about. Items. Symbolial funtions are opposed with imagination of real situations (as, for example, in reeptions Volpe (Wolpe J.)), in tehniques of behavioural psyhotherapy the last are emphasized.

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