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Formation of the adviser (ounselor eduation)

to. - the term used for the desription teoret. And prakt. Preparations, after end to-d partiipants of the aademi programs have an opportunity to reeive one of sientifi degrees and to pass professional ertifiation on any of wide of some the speialities inluding appliation of tehniques of onsultation with delivery sootv. The ertifiate. The typial list of areas of speialization in to. Inludes following speialities: advisers in initial and high shool, advisers in olleges, advisers of groups. Works, advisers onerning family and marriage, advisers on rehabilitation, advisers for speial groups and advising psyhologists (psyhologists-advisers). The aademi programs to. Inlude programs for nonprofessionals, programs of a bahelor degree, attestative (ertified) programs, magisterskie programs, programs for experts ( years) and the dotors programs hosen depending on a desirable and-or neessary level of preparation.

programs for reeption to., as a rule, orrespond to the standards established professional org-, members to- beome graduates of suh programs. These org- tzh give to them an opportunity to publish -you issled. In the various editions. Two professional org-, members to- usually beome advisers, is Amerian psihol. assots. (ARA) and Amerian assots. Consultations and developments (AACD.)

Advising psyhologists are usually onneted with servies psihih. Health as deal with the problems arising at mentally normal people in sphere of formation and work. Besides there is a partial rossing areas psihol. And ped. Consultations for the reason that both psyhologists-advisers, and advisers-teahers offer similar servies and lean in the work on psihol. Priniples and tehniques otsenivanija, interventions and therapeuti growth. Investigating features of advisers and the advising psyhologists having a dotors degree, Krauskopf, Torenson and the Poppy- have ome to onlusion, that professionals in the field of psihol. Consultations ould be divided into three rather preise groups: group of the personnel of studies. Institutions, members to-dig arried out studies. And administrative funtions group, members to-dig have aepted a traditional aademi role of the sientist who is engaged sots. Or behavioural sienes group of advising psyhologists, to- have replaed a role of the sientist / gos. The employee for a role of the privately pratiing expert.

programs for reeption to., razrab. In high shools, are onstruted on wide set teoret. The bases providing aquaintane to all osn. Systems. Only their inomplete list ould inlude behavioural, kognitivnyj, existential, phenomenologial, it is rational- approahes, the theory of a field, tranzaktnyj the analysis, the theory of psyhosoial dynamis and the fatorial theory fig. Current issled. Show, that any of these teoret. The bases not jav-sja entirely dominating in sovr. Shools of onsultation and psihoter. as D.Smith approves, the overwhelming majority of advising psyhologists, most likely, prefers eklektizmu. Steady expansion prakt is simultaneously observed. The programs giving more of time to a linial pratie, providing more dense superviziju trainees and providing at least year intership for doktorantov. Besides the linial pratie within the limits of suh programs is more often spent not in studies. Institutions, and in loal establishments and org-. Programs for reeption to., To-, apparently, inrease on volume of hours and extend under the maintenane, now inlude onsultation onerning family and marriage, gerontologiheskoe onsultation, onsultation on problems of a narotism and glue sniffing, onsultation of orretions, onsultation onerning development, onsultation on problems of middle age, et. rates.

see also Consultation, Psyhologial onsultation


Goods for health

Johimbe Forte (capsules)

"JOHIMBE FORTE" it is recommended as biologically active additive to food - a source alkaloida johimbina, selenium, panaksozidov a ginseng. Biologically active substances " JOHIMBE FORTE ":-remove erektilnuju dysfunction; - promote maintenance and prolongation of sexual activity; - strengthen sexual and emotional sensations during intimate affinity; - prevent infringements of reproductive function of men.


Bilberry-forte (tablets)

BAD "Bilberry-forte" with vitamins and zinc is made only from natural fruits of a bilberry with addition of vitamins of group B (1, 2, 6), vitamin C and a microcell of zinc. Authenticity and quality of each party BAD "Bilberry-forte" proves to be true presence antotsianov fruits of a bilberry and necessary daily quantity of vitamins and zinc. Especially it is necessary to note, that BAD "Bilberry-forte" with vitamins and zinc is made in conditions of pharmaceutical manufacture "Evalar" with multistage quality assurance according to international standard GMP.


Pineapple an extract (tablets)

biologically active substances of pineapple - :-bromelajn (the complex proteoliticheskih enzymes, analogues pepsina) participates during splitting fibers of food that leads to liberation of the irreplaceable amino acids carrying out the important role in a metabolism and influencing the basic functions of an organism; - organic acids, vitamins, mineral substances, phenolic connections, the radio oils operating in a complex, render obshcheukrepljajushchee action, raise protective forces of an organism, participate in numerous biochemical mechanisms of a metabolism.


Means for growing thin BAD "hitozan"

Owing to a wide spectrum of biological activity the preparation promotes decrease in weight of a body. "hitozan-" it is created on the basis of hitozana - aminopolisaharida, received of armours rakoobraznyh, being by a natural source of food fibres. Hitozan it is known as the unique substance connecting and deducing from an organism fats, acting with food, and also as the natural product not having analogues reducing a level of cholesterol in blood.


Blue clay - a miracle natural product

favorable therapeutic and cosmetic an effect has on a leather of the person and a body, on nails and hair. Stimulates processes of updating of cells for long preservation of your youth, beauty and health. Deletes pollution and otmershie cells, smoothes wrinkles, interferes with formation ugrevoj to a rash.


Mival. The Cream-balm (in packing of 100 gram)

For 10 years of sales of any claim. Hundreds constant clients. Effectively stops loss of hair. Possesses strong recycling effect at all kinds oblysenija, including postozhogovuju alopetsiju and congenital gipotrihiju, eliminates furfur and prevents istonchenie, lomku and loss of hair.


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