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Designing of working spae (work-spae designs)

Spae is diret around of the worker, together with wider industrial environment, in to-d it funtions, naz. Working spae. The purpose r. Item - to organize a workplae t. About., to provide demanded labour produtivity and to raise omfort and safety of the worker.

being similar to designing ativity, r. The item gives enhaned attention to anthopometrial harateristis of the worker as to a solving element in org- a workplae. Two related sientifi disiplines, anthopometry and biomehanis, jav-sja a soure of the important data onerning fiz. Charateristis and funtions helov. Bodies, suh as its linear sizes, weight, volume and a range of movements. arly programs issled. The form and design of manual tools and hairs, as well as arrangement of separate omponents of a workplae have shown, that, influene ability of the worker effetively them to use. F.Gilbret, et. experts under the -time analysis have planned the general rules of eonomy of movements, to- inlude: an arrangement of tools in that order, in to-rum them will use fastening to eah of them of the plae and their arrangement t. About., that they ould be got easily.

a poppy- and Tiffin onsider diret working spae as a three-dimensional environment around of the operator, inside to-dig all ativity is arried out and working tasks are arried out. The sizes and the form of an environment are defined by supervision over harater of performane of the task and a range of movements of the worker, estimated on the basis of issled. Movements of the operator.

Issled. Have shown, that org- a workplae in the form of a semiirle redues superfluous movements, to- it is neessary to make, when omponents, apaities for waste or monitors are loated in a line. Aording to A.Anastazi, the semiirular working spae approahes for those tasks, at to- the worker onstantly it is neessary to last for something. The total eonomy as a result of these small prizes in effiieny an be rather signifiant, sometimes pouring out at thousand olok saved working hours.

F.Gilbretas basi work in the field of designing hairs has aused the big interest and has involved great strengths in designing sedentary plaes, optimum with t. zr. Distributions of weight, heights, depths and width of a seat, steady position of a body and a onvenient pose. Working surfaes (tables, workbenhes, et.) And tools (manual, surgial) tzh beame objet issled. In the field of designing labour ativity. At last, in onnetion with r. The item have started to study problems of older persons and invalids.

the fators of environment influening the worker, jav-sja a omponent of designing of wider industrial situation. To them onern: illumination noise and vibration atmospheri onditions (humidity, temperature, the maintenane of negative ions) zagrjazniteli environments gravitation and aeleration and a radio-ativity. However A.Chapanis speifies, that is very poorly known about onsequenes of simultaneous influene at one nesk. From these fators of environment.

elements of working spae an ooperate with eah other. The analysis of onfiguration (link analysis) Anastazi haraterizes as issled. Operational ommuniations between elements inside of working system. These data are used then for improvement of aommodation of displays, ontrols, mehanisms and people.

see also Industrial psyhology, Working apaity


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