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Deprogrammirovanie (deprogramming)

Dzh. Clark has established, that for extremist religious ults the following is harateristi: the solvent alive leaders onsidering with the Messiahs or owners of speial fore (gift and so forth) Philosophy, osn. On system dogmati and absoljutistskih belief a totalitarian ontrol system the requirement of impliit submission to the harter of ult group strong aent on aumulation of rihes for a ult and almost full absene of are of individual well-being of members of a ult.

probable novoobrashhennyh seldom inform on these features of a ult, but, on the ontrary, give to them strongly differing or even opposite to a real state of affairs an inform. M. Singer and R.Dzh. Lifton approve, that as soon as beginners are involved in a ult deeply enough that it was possible to put group pressure upon them, they are exposed to proedures of washing of brains.

an end-produt of proess of brain washing is the simplisti and stereotypi thinking. As well as in hypnoti onditions, the maintenane of thinking is supervised gl. obr. From the outside, instead of from within, that leads to blind obediene to the leader of a ult.

extremist religious ults an make full hange of the person novoobrashhennogo for the period from nesk. Days up to nesk. Weeks, though, aording to Dzh. Clark, suh hanges beome irreversible usually after - years of a life in ult group.

onsists from fasilitatsii ritial, flexible, reative and independent thinking and orretion of false representations onerning a ult life. This proess omes to the end with stimulation of a member of a ult to investigate ult ideology in a view of logi and the empirial fats. Suh issled. It is possible to aelerate by means of a series of leading questions, by means of to- the beginner aim at the regular analysis of ontraditions on the basis of the fats from its personal life experiene.

it is useful tzh the diret, open filling of information launas. Napr., beginners an simply not know, that group, to to-d they have adjoined, is rather original That projets of a reative ommunity have no attitude to a life of that ommunity, members to-d they beame that they should devote the life to this group or that their future spouse () and date of wedding will be hosen for them by leaders of a ult. Speial advantage the desription and gives an explanation of proess of brain washing, to-d they have been subjeted.

during proess uriosity, questions and reasonings novoobrashhennogo are reated with an impulse, fore to- arues until the point of risis is reahed. At this time the beginner an suddenly stop disussion, to beome silent and thoughtful or to find out attributes of a shok then it usually breaks. This moment is haraterized by suh sensations, as a nervous trembling and a fever. At an affetive level the oured risis an be expressed in sobbings and pani onfusion, and on kognitivnom a level it is ombined with sharp hange of outlook and the deision to tear with a ult.

Work does not ome to an end with approah of the moment of risis, t. To. Then there omes a unstable phase ( floating phase ) when a asual meeting, phone all or even a word an return so quikly a former member to outlook of a ult. Constant support and a management, as a rule, is neessary for prevention of return transition for suh people until of their ability ritially to think will not get stronger so that they ould find independene.

see also Group pressure, Convining messages

Dzh. K.Lokvud

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